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Personal Finance Tips for New Graduates

You’ve marched along to Pomp and Circumstance and collected your diploma–now you’re ready to finally head out on your own. Maybe you have student loans that you need to start paying back. Perhaps you’re looking forward to making your first car purchase or starting a new job. Whatever your situation, you’ll definitely have new financial challenges you’ll need to address and financial goals that you’ll want to accomplish during this stage in your life. Fortunately, there are some relatively simple steps you can take to get started on the right track with your personal finances


Pathways To Success 2020

Mission: Provide early opportunities for High School and College students to learn workforce readiness skills and receive an introduction to corporate careers and entrepreneurship. Who: Program is open to male & female High School and College students. When: 18-week program from January 2020 thru May 2020 What: This free program addresses deficiencies in basic business competencies for…